About Us

A graphic designer by trade with over 18 years in the field of printing and graphic arts, Jocelyn Brunette had always had this lump in the pit his stomach… this sort of inexplicable heaviness accompanied by long periods of morose darkness. It wasn't the first time a doctor had suggested he take care of himself, but it was so much easier to ignore the advice… to avoid the issue, and to continue moving forward. 
Jocelyn had wanted to be an entrepreneur for a very long time, and he finally decided to start his own wooden watch company in 2017. He even developed his own brand. He experienced strings of successes and failures which only spurred him forward, pushing him beyond his own limits and, by the same token, allowing him to pack down his depression.
Jocelyn was in no way a lover of watches until he discovered wooden watches. He immediately fell in love with their originality and comfort.
"Take the time it takes" became Jocelyn's motto at every step of his entrepreneurial journey, and in the face of every obstacle he encountered.
Now, it is with uncompromising passion that Jocelyn transmits his experience and his love of wooden watches to his clients and partners. 
To create new models of watches and other products, Jocelyn relies on his customers' comments and strives to "always have his finger on the pulse" of the latest trends. As a result, he has added a whole range of new wooden items to his collection, including sunglasses, rings, and bow ties; all of which are just as original as his wooden watches.

Rustic-Tac's vision is to become a standard of reference in the area of wooden watches and accessories. Rustic-Tac wooden watches stand out because of their comfort, lightness, and unique look. No two watches are the same, as the wood grain and natural wood colors are unique to each individual watch.
Rustic-Tac is also the only organization in Quebec that can boast that it is a repair shop for wooden watches of all brands.