About Us


Graphic designer by trade, with more than 18 years of experience in the field of printing and graphic arts, Jocelyn Brunette has long cherished the desire to go into business. 

Although he was not particularly a big fan of watches, he literally fell in love with the original and comfortable side of wooden watches as soon as he discovered this product. It was in 2017 that Jocelyn finally started her wooden watch business and developed her own brand. 

"Time is yours!" has become Jocelyn's leitmotif at every step and every obstacle he encounters.

It is with undisguised passion that he shares his experience and love of wooden watches with his clients and business partners. 

To create his new models, he relies on the comments of his customers and makes sure to be "always on time" when it comes to trends. New wooden items have been added to his collection, such as sunglasses, rings and bow ties, which are just as original as his watches.


The vision of Rustic-Tac is to become a benchmark in wooden watches and accessories. Rustic-Tac wooden watches stand out for their comfort, lightness and unique look. The colors of the wood are natural and no two watches are identical, as the grain of the wood is unique to each. 

Rustic-Tac is the only repair shop for wooden watches, all brands combined.